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                 更專業        更安全

                            更快捷        更全面

                                   始于2009      從未懈怠

              About Business

              創建時間:2020-03-23 14:24

              ClinsNow was established on 2009 which is the earliest CTM supply chain international outsourcing service provider. Core module includes  international deliveries, drug importation & exportation, IP storage, IP repackaging, cold chain transportation, IP return & destruction and medical file archiving.


              ClinsNow provides supply chain services for more than 90% of major international pharms and CRO Company. From 2016 to 2019, Annual imports exceeded $100 million for four consecutive years. It is the leader in international clinical research import and export service.


              Since the Rio Olympics 2016, ClinsNow has been designated as a sample carrier for athletes by the anti-doping center of the General Administration of Sport of China


              ClinsNow obtained the category II&III medical device Business License. Moreover, it provides medical device sales to major domestic pharmaceutical companies and customized supply chain services for clinical trials.