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                 更專業        更安全

                            更快捷        更全面

                                   始于2009      從未懈怠

              Quality standards

              創建時間:2020-03-23 14:18

              The establishment of the Collinsno quality management system not only conforms to Chinese laws and regulations, but also follows the regulations and regulations of most countries around the world, so the business is distributed in many countries around the world. As of October 2019, Collinsno has passed SGS certification, AEO certification, quality management system certification, medical device operating license, second-class medical device business record certificate, food business license, etc., the quality of the industry's highest standards. Collinsnor quality management system throughout the company's products, so that every employee can realize the importance of product quality, do their best to enable customers to get better quality, better, more secure service. Quality policy: business development, quality first, precision service, win-win cooperation.